3 signs you’re doing way too much cardio

I legit cringe when a woman looks at me with depressed certainty and says, “I can’t get in shape or lose weight. I did HOURS on top of hours of cardio for months; nothing happened.”

I get it though. I do.
Because at some point during each of our young teenage lives, every one of us ladies was fed the same ridiculous magazine fitness spreads.

You know the ones – remember those super fit chicks with the obligatory fake breasts ( not harshing on boob jobs, just pointing out the programming here ) doing leg lifts and some light yoga? 

You saw it once, twice, a hundred times, and somewhere along the line the message stuck: you are supposed to have Barbie doll proportions and get them by the sweat of your cardio-stricken brow.

Because girls don’t exercise like men, girls exercise like GIRLS! Duh.

Sense my sarcasm… It’s fricking patronizing, really. 

🌟The real deal🌟 

In the Ayurvedic world, which is the traditional Hindu system of holistic medicine, we recognize that different body types and personality types { doshas } do well with different exercise types. 

What does this mean for you? It means that no two women are exactly alike. So if you’re going to thrive in a lifestyle that includes daily or weekly fitness, which is ideal, you’re going to need to find your ‘soul mate’ workout style.

That being said, MOST women need more resistance training than they’re getting.

🌟Three signs that you need more resistance🌟

#1. You aren’t losing weight

Every pound of lean muscle mass you put on your feminine frame is another fat burning tool in your belt. How is that possible? Simple: a muscular body burns fat at rest.

Want to burn fat while you sleep? Lift weights for 30 – 60 minutes three times a week.

And no, you won’t look manly, unless of course you’re taking steroids. 

( 👆Photo Cred: Gunnfit )

#2. You’re “skinny fat”

Some women are slim with a high body fat percentage. We call this “skinny fat” in the fitness world. In simple terms, you don’t have a healthy muscle-to-fat ratio. 

We often think of obesity as an obvious precursor to heart disease and cancer, but studies actually show that slender women with high body fat percentages are at almost as high a risk. 

The good news? This is an easy fix! Usually too much cardio ( or no exercise at all ) coupled with poor nutritional habits is the culprit here.

Pick up some light weights or resistance bands, and get cracking on the whole foods nutrition, girl!

#3. Your workout doesn’t feel invigorating 

Does your workout excite you? Do you look forward to it each day? 

And do you feel good after, or just drained?

Too much cardio may zap your energy reserves, especially if it’s not in alignment with your body type!

The right workout for you will be fun. It won’t drag on and on, but it will challenge you to grow on more level than one.

It will leave you refreshed, addicted and ready for more🌟🌟🌟

Would you be interested in learning more about Ayurvedic fitness? 😀💪

Developing you to break the chains of abuse

Have you ever noticed how heavily most people in our culture invest in their gadgets?

I’m talking about $900 dollar cell phones, $800 dollar per-month car payments, $5,000 dollar lap tops, name brand clothing, the list goes on.

But when confronted with investing in themselves, they can’t possibly afford to. 

Healthy food? “No, too expensive.”

Self development training? “Could be interesting, but I don’t have that kind of extra cash lying around!”

Meditation or exercise? “Too busy.

In a culture immersed in consumerism, the downside is our skewed rationalization of priorities. 

Our accessories are not just that anymore, but actual extensions of us. The value in developing one’s own personal self, body, mind and soul, is lost on us almost completely. 

In doing so we’ve come a long way in devaluing human life – that’s my take on it at least.

So if you’re a woman that truly wants to break the chains of abuse, meaning you want to grow you, your first step is simple: recognize and challenge the cultural dynamics that make you feel like less. 

Recognize that you are not your clothes. 

You are not your car. 

You are not how many friends you have.

You are not anything in this world that you could possibly buy, or find.

What makes you wonderful and valuable is already inside you – your wonderful human spirit. Your tenacity. Your divine feminine. Your limitless compassion…you are already complete.

I think of self-development not as the sharpening of a stone, but more as the whittling away of the false layers of Self I’ve constructed to fit into this world.

  • Where I started: self-development

To get you started, here’s a tip not everybody knows: you become an average of the five people you surround yourself with the most on a regular basis. 

Start here. Examine these people. No, I’m not asking you to judge them. But realistically evaluate them.
Are they: 




✔️holding themselves to a higher standard?

✔️enforcing their boundaries with others?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, for any of your five people, you need to know that this is likely not the healthiest relationship for you at the moment.
You might not like this part; I get it. But few people ever grasp the power of influence. 

I’m not implying that you need to cut anyone out of your life! This is literally stuff that only you can know. But I am saying you may need to create certain distances or protective measures.

Like a recovering alcoholic needs to not surround herself with drinkers, you need to take your healing just as seriously…if you are serious about healing to begin with.

If you knew that you unquestionably become your biggest influencers, would you change things at all?

Think on it – I’ll see you for the next segment.

Xoxo Ash

Do this trick to lose that stubborn belly fat fast

What if…what if you didn’t fail the diet?

What if…the diet failed you?

Never in the history of dieting has dieting ever worked.
It is tempting – yes. The quick fix, the short-term solution.
But it WILL leave you feeling empty and disappointed with yourself. And it’s not your fault; you didn’t have a lack of will power and you weren’t lazy.

Actually you are very powerful when it comes to your own health. True story.

My friend, you didn’t fail the diet; the diet failed YOU! 
You weren’t biologically designed to calorie count or deny your hunger. That way of life is just not sustainable for you, which is why you eventually binge every time you try it again.

What if I told you that you were designed to HONOR your body’s hunger for dense nutrition?

I encourage my clients to eat as many vegetables, including potatoes, as they like in addition to healthy portions of fruit carbohydrates and plant-based proteins and fats. I highly encourage you to do the same, especially if you are trying to lose weight!

You have no idea how many grown women living on less than 800 calories per day message me because they can’t lose weight. And yet even after talking with me they aren’t willing to eat more!
That is successful diet industry conditioning, ladies👏👏👏

Contrary to popular belief, eating less than your body needs will actually set you up for future weight gain.

Why? Because when you eat very little food your body prepares for famine by slowing down your metabolism.

For this reason it can also be very difficult for some women to lose weight on extremely low-calorie diet plans. 

I’ll wrap this up by saying I’m not telling you to start eating 5,000 calories per day. Don’t take me out of context here.

I’m saying EAT good food when you’re hungry. If you’re experiencing a weight loss plateau, consider raising your caloric intake to 1,600 or even 2,000 calories of real food ( real being the key word here ) and see what happens.

You need enough calories to think rationally and to function physically. Your kids need you to be your healthiest and happiest for them. A low-calorie diet will likely not do it for you.

Getting healthy is a lifestyle…it’s about establishing seemingly insignificant daily habits that over the long-term compound into big rewards.

Help break the pervasive cycle of crash dieting among American women and share this chat with a girlfriend!

Xox Ashley Lynn

When a woman says “enough” to abuse


I grappled with allowing abuse into my life for so many years. 

I’m a soft person by nature. Some would call me a people pleaser; I do like to see people happy. 

I always thought it would be a gradual progression, my learning how to say “no”. 
My learning how to say “absolutely not, you just crossed a boundary”.

Abuse is something that, as a woman, I’ve finally learned to not tolerate, under any circumstances. And honestly it was less of a ‘learning’ and more of a switch that took place in my body, quite instantaneously. 

I know it sounds radical. 
A blockage of energy was removed from my body. The terror of being left by my partner, the painfully acute need to keep peace with anyone in my life, regardless of their lack of respect for me…vanished quite literally in one day.

I know someone else might read this and think, “Well yeah, that happens when you’ve finally had enough. You snap and change your ways!”.

But here’s the thing that only you and I get: it’s not that simple. Not by a long shot, sister. 

Most people never get it, do they? Why you’d ever stay with a man who would hurt you. Why you would let a friend literally use you, verbally abuse you, and say nothing in defense of yourself.

But I do get it. 

The women who stay in abusive relationships until their final breath get it, too.
And here’s another secret that you and I know too well: domestic abuse is freaking commonplace. So commonplace.

So many women are being verbally or emotionally abused and toyed with behind closed doors, and they don’t think it “counts” because they don’t have a black eye to show for it. 

So hear me now: change is possible. It is! But it’s not going to just happen to you.
You won’t just snap out of it after enough years of abuse.

The secret? You have to chase after it with your whole life! 

You have to be hungry for the change in you to occur, so much so that you’ll change any dynamic or habit in your world.

You have to be willing to grow yourself { body mind and SOUL } and try new things, with new people that are HEALTHY.

And eventually all that self-development, all that re-programming work…it falls into place. 
And when it does, something clicks in your brain. You change.

The people around you begin to notice. To respond to you differently. Your abuser notices, too…and he doesn’t like it. You recognize you might lose him, because he hates that he can no longer control you. 

You’re at peace with that. You welcome the loss, because you no longer need him. Or any other man, frankly.

Anyone who can honor you is welcome in your life. Anyone else can see themselves to the door.

Because sister, please – you were created for so much more!

I hope reading this feels like a sign that your time is now. I’m not saying you have to up and leave your spouse. I’m saying change is possible. 

I’m saying now is the perfect time to change you. 

Stick around and I’ll share my process with you. As a friend and coach – not an expert.


Ashley Lynn

5 things only moms of kids with food sensitivities will understand

You live by different rules than other moms. Not because you’re extra pretentious ( okay, maybe you’re a tiny bit of a perfectionist😜 ) but because you have to. For you there isn’t another option!

And nobody gets it like a fellow mom in the everyday trenches of raising a child with food sensitivities, intolerances or allergies.

#1: First things first: no amount of junk is tolerated

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Yet you hear this a lot, “Can’t he just have one donut? Really, what’s the harm?”

And every food-guarding mama’s personal favorite, “But I really don’t want little Johnny to feel left out of the fun🙄…”

The funny thing is, if these well meaning junk-pushers had to take little Johnny home directly after a treat-giving, they’d never cross you again. Ever.

#2: Stange behavior 101

You don’t have to question whether or not your child has eaten junk once they return home from school or a friend activity. 

You know immediately what they’ve eaten and when, simply by their blizzare behaviors. 

✔️Inability to make eye contact usually means gluten. 

✔️Extreme hyperactivity indicates sugar and food dyes. 

✔️Refusal to use their normal human voice says it all: they’ve had both.

#3: Now you rage or cry

You work hard – so frickin hard – to feed your child the best of the best diet-specific whole foods. It’s not about being a food snob; it’s about avoiding the pain of seeing him unable to function.

This takes all of your time, energy, heart and best efforts. 

So when junior gets ahold of the bad stuff…it feels like all that work was for nothing!

“Babe! Bring me the Ben & Jerry’s while you’re up! I might as well give the f***k up on life tonight!”😫😭😭

It breaks your heart – no exaggeration – and you feel angry. Especially if someone intentionally fed him the damaging goods!

#4: Lurkers are everywhere 

They’re always out there; the ones fiercely dedicated to not getting it. The ones who want nothing more than for you to feed your kid junk, either because that’s how they feed their kids, or because, “why not?”

Though they’ve dubbed you ‘Mrs. Looney’, you learned long ago not to phycho-analyze these guys. Their reasons don’t matter. 

And honestly most of them really don’t understand food sensitivities.

“Their throat won’t close up? So why can’t they have the cup cakes, exactly?”

You’re caught in an awkward position: be extremely blunt and forward right back at ’em, which is so not your style, or let your  child suffer.

The sooner you learn to be steady and firm, the better. And that’s what you tell yourself for years until you finally snap and officially earn your title: ‘Mrs. Looney’.

#5: It’s a lonely world out there

You often feel like you’re the only one. 

Now and again you happen across another mom who also has wildly sensitive kids. 

You hit it off like wildfire!🔥🔥🔥 You’re exchanging lunch-packing stories and “my junk-peddling mother in law did this” stories like the world’s about to end. 

But just as you’re about to take your relationship to the next level, you realize your commonalities end here, at the kid-and-food portion.
You try to stay together; to ignore each other’s oddities…but alas this friendship boat sinks when the feelings only run gluten-free snack bargains deep. 

And you’re back on the trail again, fighting off the junk lurkers like a solo ninja and having no one to laugh about it with.

The positive side:

It’s all positive! You’re kiddo has you on his side, looking out for him like only you can!

 It’s important though to have someone who allows you to feel heard. You really shouldn’t go it alone. 

And you don’t have to! Go through life authentically and you’ll pick up authentic friends along the way. You don’t just just happen upon your soul mate friends instantly – nobody does!

And of course, laughing is the best way through it!

Stay safe out there friend,

Xoxo Ashley Lynn💜💜💜

Flex this muscle everyday for better health

Something interesting I’ve been meditating on the last few weeks…

I’ve found that most of us women, myself included, don’t know how to be happy.

Genuinely, authentically happy.

We know how to put on a happy face; how to run the show and hold everything together. But many of us don’t remember what it’s like to be truly happy, in private.


When was the last time you were truly happy?

Someone asked me this question recently and I didn’t have an answer.

Do you?

Its okay if you don’t. But it’s time to get back there!

Picture yourself as a child. Completely honest, totally authentic. Your clothes don’t matter, you care about simpler things.

imageYou know who you are. You know what you like, what you don’t like, and you know what makes you happy. You don’t do things to please others, to impress anyone…you do things that make sense to YOU!

Is it art? Dancing? Visiting with animals? Being in nature? Time with your grandmother?

Maybe what you miss is just feeling free to be…with no pressure.


Happiness muscle

You were happy once, you can be happy again! It is a choice, and it is a muscle! The more you practice, the more you flex it, the easier it will come to you!

Practice being happy every day. Only you know what this looks like.

Perhaps you sit in meditation for five minutes while you reflect on simplicity.

Perhaps in this meditation you give yourself permission to let something simply…fall apart.

Perhaps you draw, or paint. With no expectations for a great outcome – these brushstrokes are bringing you closer to the real you. Who cares what it looks like.

Perhaps you walk, and forget to bring your anxiety with you.


And this is not about pretending anymore. This is about finding short periods of honest to goodness happiness thought your day, because – darn it – life is too short for you not to!

The ultimate goal: for your happiness be a normal, non-negotiable part of life. So get flexing!

Just know I’m right there with you girl✌️😘image


The whole truth ~ Part 2


⭐️part 2:

At three my little boy was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Many people urged me to get an autism diagnosis, while many other people assured me that because he could smile, and because he could make eye contact, even if just for a moment, he could not be autistic.

I took him to a public health clinic where several clinicians observed him, and told me he would need to go up the road for further diagnosis from a gut specialist. They told me that his behaviors looked symptomatic of gastrointestinal pain, and that he would possibly need a gut biopsy to understand what was going on.

I left their office with a binder of overwhelming information and a handicap parking sign for our convenience.

I stashed the sign away deep in the glove compartment and called our naturopathic Doctor that very week. There we decided to address his gut health holistically with foods, and also test for heavy metal build up.


The results came back: he had high levels of heavy metals accumulated in his little body and brain. He was in the 67th percentile for mercury poisoning!

From that day forward I was a woman on a mission – I was no longer powerless. I have always believed that anything is possible, and that belief coupled with new knowledge kept me on top of the world!


I devoured information on healing the gut and chelating heavy metals from the brain, as well as vaccine information! At first I just read websites, but next I began to dive into medical journals and then into the history.

We did the GAPS protocol and chelation. And I talked my husband’s ear off every night!

One night he came home and I told him I’d found a guy in Florida who could ship us young coconuts so I could make the kefir I needed.

The three of us coordinated, and the next week – BOOM – twelve coconuts arrived at the post office for me!

This was very expensive, especially because not every batch of kefir turned out right and many went to waste. But that was the most healing tonic I ever gave my son. Within one week of drinking it he began to speak short sentences and even CUDDLE! Coincidence? Perhaps.

We continued on this path and the rest is history. He blew past milestones we had set for him, like stringing three words together by the end of his pre-school year. He did that and more!


. . .

I started a blog, honestly a very negative blog, and wrote about vaccines. Most people were unaffected.

Then senior scientist William Thompson came forward – the CDC had known all along that MMR caused autism! Furiously, I wrote to my local paper.


The same doctors that previously had treated us told the the newspaper that I was sadly uninformed and fear-mongering. They did not believe that my son had heavy metal poisoning, and they did not offer any explanation as to how this could ever happen.

I couldn’t fathom how my son could be swept under the rug like this! That the CDC could openly admit to scientific fraud regarding the safety of a product, yet still our most trusted practitioners looked the other way!

My voice in life became very toxic, and I felt very much “against the world”.


Finally God touched my heart one night – it was time to abandon the frustration that was consuming me.

. . .

Sometimes I still feel an intense pull to be an activist; to scream at the world that it is going the WRONG way!

But I return now to the peace that is always within.

In this world that seems backwards and mad, there is always clarity in the simple truth of love.

Everything is perfect. Everything is a blessing. People truly do come into our lives as teachers – and each lesson has the ability to empower us.

This story is ours to tell. To me it is pure magic – pure divine education. And though some call it spreading fear, I aim only to spread deeply needed information and hope.


An empowered woman has the ability to change her family and the whole world. That is exactly what I plan to do.

You can too. Be brave, listen to your inner voice. Never believe that you know second best because you are “just a mom”.

~ Ash